Zinc reduces body weight

Zinc is a metal that has a special role in reducing our body weight. People who are overweight can easily lose weight by eating fat, regularly and in quantities rich in zinc. According to the results of a study by the American College of Nutrition, the lack of zinc in the body can make the body fat. Nine obese people were fed a zinc-rich diet every day for twelve weeks. Then, when weight loss begins, zinc-deficient foods are fed, until weight returns to normal. Research shows that leptin is a hormone that suppresses appetite and consumes more energy. If the level of zinc in the blood is high, the level of leptin increases and if it is low, it decreases. So researchers say everyone should at least every day

15 grams of zinc should be taken with food. Foods like millet, sorghum, almonds, coconut, and cashew nuts are rich in zinc.